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(Yow who dat)
(icon a buck d)
(Star kingfish corell di place)
(jah kno star)
(a wah really a gwan)
(fuss it was Adams now a kingfish)
(a wah really a gwan)

Verse 1
At first a di one missa Adams him
him gwan wid a bagga tings
yutes him bothering
a pay hire door pon mat like aladin
shoot the juvenile seh a gun dat he had on him
and let me tell u another ting
memba any man kill anyone at all god a sin
some a dem gone a judgement yaad fi sizzla
bout dem gone wid thirteen a dada ting
but now its mr mark shields
mek crime a spin roun like donkey kart wheels
say him warn these thugs
weh a bark steels
thug jump fence rub off the clark heels
boom shelock got brooke valley
nuff guns roun a duhaney park fields
find out people start dial out 1 800 kingfish
people start squeal

Informer mek kingfish a come
sell drugs fi u wealth
then kingfish a come
strap gun to u belt
then kingfish a come
watch how u chat pon u phone else
(yow di ting dem reach)
(all right all right)
kingfish a come
git up git up git up
kingfish a come
kingfish a come x 4

Verse 2
Some tugz seh dem nuh soft like ???? play
you know wid kingfish u nuh fi play
dem say u deh a ballfield an man diss u
an u walk way go fi k
later wen bus i spray shot fly bruk chalice
pon ground kutchie lay
dem say dem muss ketch u inna thuty day
wait till a night before it touch the day
you haffi run way like wen a puppy stray
she stay like how the bride of chucky stay
she come from grants pen she name anna kay
she a lock a 16 fi u and a k
like carpenter u run fi hammer
extortion utes dem a pay
dats y u can buy beer champagne inna club
u nuh bleacher but shirt damn stain inna blood


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