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Gang Bang!
U kno its Aid-d-d-d-donia
Dadda Dan donia
No dem nuh badda dan donia (Non tall)
(My ladies)
You know sey da one yah name Cardinal Point
Mi love fi si all di gal joint
U kno its Aido no mi nuh play hi-lo
Di gyal dem rate my flow

Gal from the Northside; stay close to mi left cause dat a mi hard side
Gal from di Southside; beautiful both pon the inside and outside
Gal from the Eastside; one pon each side nuh salt like sea side
Gal from the Westside; get the X5, dem a di best bride

Verse 1
Gal from St. Ann Ochi town
Look how Sophie round, skin colour Mochy brown
Wah married one gyal from Clarendon
Hot like dem buy clothes which part a England
Hot like she a shock (Carla, Carol, Fay!)
Hot gyal come from St. Thomas, Morant Bay
Gyal from Westmorland (feed pon) westmo-yam
(Feel smooth) when in a di chest breast fi land
(yuh look good inna di clothes) Yuh a sport Maria
Plus she a roll wid Mary from Port Maria
Gal from Mandiville, Manchester
A dem mi keep di fat gal vest fa
2 Gal from Kingston and St. Andrew
(To Shopping!) To New Yow dem sent Andrew
(Once him tek it!)
Money spend on do, spend on you the latest trend on you


Verse 2
Some Rass gyal deh a Montego Bay
A dat mi hear sey when mi Aunty go deh
Goodas gal Portmore (from St. Cathrine)
Gal gi headache (U wah 10 asprin)
Buff gal dem come from Portland
(Wah jook on fi dem) Yuh gone buy sport van
(No dem dont want no broke man)
Dem wah hustler fi money run when di coke land
Gyal from St. Elizibeth and Falmouth
(A di flattest!) Mi eva si a gal gut (?)
All sort a business man wah conduct
But best pussy dem, drop by deandra
Miss beauty-Lucea from Hanover
Fi si she di money u haffi hand over
She wah dis balls like cricket inna hanover
Di way di tune bad dem she fi start di song ova


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