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mi nuh affi wear black fi bad mi inna all white
and have mi gun all day and all night
from hand gun to the through wall type
telescope screw off like pipe
d.j lose him meds true him naw write
dem not with wi, it's alright
true mi future bright like star light
whey di fuck do dem? tell them!!!

addi a mi daddy who waan vex gwaan vex
diss bad man yuh get a box pon yuh jaw next
wid round him matic handle a chocolate
a nuh me mek yuh galfriend say yuh cyaan sex
addi a mi daddy who waan ver gwaan vex
diss bad man yuh get a box pon yuh jaw next
wid round him matic handle a chocolate
dem a di softest dem clothes a di darkest.

verse 1 :
have nuff gun till all gun mi a lend whey
banana clip bend deh mac 10 deh whey 10 deh
yow wha dem say? tuff threat dem a send whey?
wha-ley-ley-ley a gun shot mi a send deh
head crack like marble di big one di bembey
nuh tek mi music fi play ground like bembey
who fight aidonia a go dead yuh comprehend deh
buss jaw corna through deh di tongue heng deh
bwoy could a big an thick an muscular
one shot tun him in a worm puss fill
acura clutch figga wid 45 clutch back
tuff shot inna di clip whey must bigga
head swell up bigga when mi touch trigga
brain float like feather out a bust pilla
bwoy miss mi like mi 3rd nike an mi first filla
wi a tuff killa a jacob miller


verse 2:
wid nuh suck pussy bwoy bad naw co-operate
dem an dem friend deh pon all sort a tape
watch gyal a piss, backfist an masturbate
waan kill dem book si show mark di bait
or use mi gun rise di slaughter rate
blood run like buss pipe,heavy water rate
likkle bit afta eight,inna di dark a wait
wid di gun whey shake ground like when di lord a quake
vechile pull up big van park a gate,BOOM!!!!
inna yuh yawd yuh daughter wake
half clip left? buss up quarter straight
head look like when fresh gizzada bake
round di body white line di chalk a make
glad mi find out dem bomboclawt a snake
batty man dem man mek dem heart a ache
afta dem all sort a dawg a wake


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